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Thinking about Earth-friendly Travel

Fossil fuels run most major forms of transportation, so think about your mode of transportation as well as your reasons for traveling before you set off on a long-distance trip. Consider traveling in a more environmentally friendly way — taking the train instead of flying — and determine whether you need to travel at all or can achieve the same effect closer to home, which cuts down on your greenhouse gas emissions. You can take fewer but longer long-distance vacations to get the best possible investment from the greenhouse gas emissions your travel produces.

Consider an ecotourism trip that provides insight into the local ecosystem (including fauna and flora) or a volunteer vacation in which you spend part or much of your time on a project that helps either the local people or the environment.

You can help to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions your travel produces by considering ways to become carbon neutral — this means that you reduce your carbon emissions as much as possible and balance the remaining carbon emissions by offsetting them with processes that consume carbon. Carbon offsetting refers to paying for or participating in programs that reduce the carbon in the atmosphere, either by planting trees (which take in carbon dioxide) or researching or funding alternative or cleaner conventional technologies.