Ten Great Blogs on Green Economy Developments - dummies

Ten Great Blogs on Green Economy Developments

By Carol L. McClelland

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To identify your green career focus and excel in your ultimate green career you must stay up-to-date on the green economy. The best way to track unfolding developments that may impact your targeted green industry career is to read a selection of green blogs on a regular basis.

  • Earth2Tech: Focuses on a wide range of cleantech innovations

  • Greentechmedia: In-depth news about topics from cleantech to natural resources with posts about companies receiving government and venture capital funding

  • Clean Tech Brief: Tracks the flow of money and innovations within cleantech

  • The Inspired Economist: Features companies and people who are contributing to the transition to a sustainable economy

  • Environmental News Network: A long-established blog that provides an objective perspective on how current issues impact the environment

  • GreenBiz: An interlocking collection of blogs with informative posts about trends in business, green building, green IT, and green design

  • Green for All: An activist organization that tracks and influences the effort to bring the renewable-energy-based economy to all

  • The Green Economy Post: Thorough articles about key issues defining the green economy and influencing your career

  • New York Times Green Inc.: Provides a national and international perspective on topics that influence the green economy

  • Worldchanging: Posts that inform and inspire readers to rethink how they live, do business, and interact with the planet