Sniffing Out Air Freshener Alternatives

Air fresheners aren’t particularly eco-friendly. Most of them simply cover up smells rather than remove them, and they use artificial chemicals to do so. Plug-in air fresheners use energy while they’re pumping their chemicals into the air. What’s more, some people find that air fresheners make them short of breath and give them headaches. Fortunately, you can enjoy a nice-smelling home because natural alternatives abound:

  • Both vinegar and baking soda dissolved in water absorb bad smells.

  • Lemon slices in a pan of boiling water make another good air freshener.

  • Essential oils in an oil burner or in beeswax or vegetable candles add the fragrance of your choice.

  • If you have a smoker in your home, hide a small bowl of vinegar under a piece of furniture to deodorize the room.

  • Fill up a bowl with petals from flowers and herbs from your garden!

    Natural air fresheners that don’t leave toxic traces.
    Natural air fresheners that don’t leave toxic traces.