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Share Resources in Your Virtual Neighborhood

Green neighborhoods are starting to pop up around the U.S. Imagine living in a neighborhood where everyone shared their resources: A neighborhood car. A neighborhood wood chipper. A neighborhood drill. A storage shed full of stuff that everyone needs — sometimes. Instead of each household owning one of everything, you could reduce your collective consumption to a level that matched reasonable usage. After all, who needs a lawn mower 24/7?


If that is your fantasy, then a Web site called can make it a reality. In a nutshell, it’s the online version of a neighborhood storage shed, except that each item is owned by one of the neighbors, who makes it available for use to others.

By joining a “neighBORROW-hood,” you join a community of like-minded folks who see the value in lightening their impact on the environment by lessening their load of redundant possessions. You list the items you have available to borrow, and you have access to the lists of others in the ‘hood. Through the Web site, you arrange to borrow an item as you need it.

While optimal benefits are achieved when members live within walking distance of each other, a neighBORROW-hood might consist of people who work at the same place, belong to the same religious congregation, or are otherwise connected.