Looking for Careers on Green Job Boards - dummies

Looking for Careers on Green Job Boards

By Carol L. McClelland

Part of Green Careers For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Job boards, especially those that cater specifically to green careers, are a treasure trove of information you can use to enhance your job search. In addition to finding job openings, you can also use job boards to discover companies in your area that are hiring, job titles you want to explore in more detail, and job descriptions you can study to strengthen your own resume.

Check out these job boards and bookmark the ones that look most promising to you:

  • Clean Edge Jobs: Run by a cleantech research and publishing company, this job board displays a full range of cleantech opportunities.

  • Clean Tech Recruits: This one includes a blend of cleantech and renewable energy positions.

  • EcoEmploy: The majority of positions and resources on this job board relate to environmental science and natural resources careers.

  • Environmental Career: Highlights a wide range of job titles including green building, natural resources, waste, legal, and much more.

  • Green Biz Jobs: Provides job opportunities for professional job candidates with skills that help green businesses to grow.

  • Green Dream Jobs: Features professional positions for those interested in sustainable business.

  • Renewable Energy World: Offers positions within a variety of renewable energy industries throughout North America.