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How to Persuade Your Workplace to Go Green

If you work in an office, you can take your green principles with you and try to make them part of the work culture. Simply talking to your work colleagues about environmental issues and how to reduce the impact you have on the planet can create a positive effect. But then you have to take action. Get together with colleagues to discuss ways to change things, and then go to your supervisor with your suggestions.

Being green can cut business costs, and if you present making eco-friendly changes as a cost-cutting exercise from the beginning, you may well get the higher-ups onboard.

Change has to come with commitment from the top, so in order to get your supervisor on your side, keep in mind that employers have enough problems to deal with. Instead, bring solutions. Your boss may not have the time or knowledge to come to grips with any shortcomings in the greenness of the building and workspace and is likely to welcome your help.

For help convincing your workplace to change, check with your state to find out if an advisory program is in place. The program may be able to suggest easy ways and even offer financial or tax incentives to help your organization go green. Sustainable Development International Corporation and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) both offer good examples and tips about greening your workplace or business.