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How to Green Your Morning Coffee

Because green living isn’t about sacrificing things that make your life more enjoyable, there’s no reason to do without your morning coffee — but you can make it a little greener (in philosophy rather than color!). If you pick it up on your way to work, ask the store to fill your own mug rather than using a disposable cup. Many coffee shops also offer Fairtrade-certified coffee along with metal spoons and cartons of cream or milk instead of small individual (disposable) servings. If your usual stop doesn’t have these things, consider asking them to change their ways, or just switch to a new coffee place that’s more environmentally conscious.

If you park your vehicle and go in to get your coffee, you not only save the fuel and greenhouse gases that you’d otherwise emit while waiting at the drive-thru, but you also get to know the people who run the shop and so increase your local community contacts.

Of course, you can also brew your own Fairtrade coffee at home and take it with you on the road in an insulated mug — the coffee’s even greener if it’s organic, too!