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How to Find a Green Job

If you’re a green living advocate, working for an organization involved with climate change awareness, renewable energy, wildlife conservation, or green construction not only provides a paycheck but also a great deal of personal satisfaction. Whatever your specialty, green organizations can use your expertise and your genuine interest in the environment.

Consider these strategies for finding work that fits your green ambitions:

  • Volunteer to gain experience. If you’re currently completing your studies or thinking about a career change in a greener direction, consider volunteering or taking an unpaid or low-paid internship with an organization that operates in the area you’re interested in. You’ll gain valuable, hands-on experience that can help you decide whether you want to pursue a career in the field. At the same time, you’ll establish a profile within the organization that may lead to an offer of paid employment or to valuable career advice and references.

  • Identify business opportunities. As you build your career experience, you may well discover a green business niche that’s not well-served by other companies. Launching your own business can fill that niche and provide employment for yourself and others. Be sure to research and plan your business thoroughly; the U.S. Small Business Administration is an excellent place to start, as are a number of For Dummies titles that focus on small business.

  • Assess green employers. If a green career is important to you, make sure that potential employers have put their greenbacks where their green words are. To assess their goals and achievements, check their Web sites and publications, such as research studies and annual reports. Also search newspaper and magazine databases (often available online through local libraries) for mentions of the organization to find out whether the company’s press has been positive or not. Check out the associations that the organization belongs to — or should belong to — to further assess its community involvement.

If you’re looking for a green career or resources to help you find a green job, check out Environmental, a job-posting resource for the eco-friendly sector.