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How to Exercise, the Eco-friendly Way

Staying healthy is part of a green lifestyle, and simply making time to walk or cycle can make a huge difference to your health. If you need or want a bit more of a workout, consider buying exercise equipment to use at home instead of going to the gym. Franchises have been built on selling used sports equipment, and you can often find exercise equipment at local thrift stores or online auction sites.

Gyms and health clubs aren’t necessarily the greenest places: They use a huge amount of energy to light the facility, run air conditioning, operate the equipment, and heat pools, saunas, and other water features; they also use chemicals in the pools.

You can get greener exercise in the nearest park or at home. Exercise in the park, and there’s no energy involved apart from your own. Exercise at home and, unless you use electrical equipment, you’ll use no more power than normal. Plus, you save on those gym fees.

If you need the motivation or social contact that a gym provides, find a facility that’s as green as possible. Check the clubs closest to your home or work to find out which one offers the greenest facility — on that uses power from green alternatives or that is cleaned with natural chemicals.