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Green School Supplies

Just as you buy eco-friendly supplies for your home, make the same commitment when it comes to school supplies. When the kids go back to school, make sure that what they carry in their schoolbags is as green as possible. Some eco-friendly options include:

  • Solar-powered calculators to save on batteries

  • Loose-leaf paper and notebooks made with post-consumer recycled paper

  • Nontoxic glue, crayons, and markers

Being green at school extends to lunchtime. Pack lunches in reusable containers rather than disposable plastic or paper bags. And, rather than reusing plastic water bottles, which can leach chemicals into the liquids they contain, try stainless steel beverage containers, which are not only lightweight but also child-friendly.

Actions speak louder than words. If you bring in snacks for you child’s class, make them green as well — fruit and veggies with lower fat dips or homemade cookies or muffins from reduced fat recipes. As long as the food is yummy, the kids will enjoy it — and if the kids enjoy it and ask for more, you can send the recipes or ideas home with them in a classroom newsletter.