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Green Living Tip: Travel by Train Instead of by Car or Plane

Train travel is by far a more energy-efficient mode of transportation than either driving or flying. If you take the train somewhere, you can reduce your carbon footprint to less than half of what you would generate in a car or plane.

When you think about taking a long trip by train, you might think of a lot of negatives: spending more than you would for airline tickets; giving up many hours of time to travel; and changing trains multiple times, sometimes in the middle of the night. Needless to say, many people cop out and burn up tons of CO2 emissions in their car or on a plane rather than endure a train ride. (To find out just how much pollution you produce, check out the carbon offset site at the Native Energy site.)


However, you can be heartened that one of President Obama’s key stimulus commitments is to fund high-speed rail service with $13 billion.

While $13 billion is not enough to fuel the realization of a nationwide high-speed rail, it’s one more drop than we had before — and already it’s sparking dialogue and furthering the re-thinking of transportation as we know it.

The stimulus money may not carry us to the end of our journey to a more sustainable transportation system. But maybe, just maybe, it could be enough to push us past the tipping point and power the little engine that could.