Green Industries to Consider When Job Hunting - dummies

Green Industries to Consider When Job Hunting

By Carol L. McClelland

Part of Green Careers For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Everybody knows that green careers are sprouting up in the energy, waste, and traditional environmental areas. But in truth, that’s not the half of it. Don’t neglect the following industries and sectors in your job search:

  • City planning: Creating a plan for land use that balances needs of the citizens

  • Distribution logistics: Moving materials and products in ways that emit less greenhouse gases

  • Event planning: Organizing large events in a sustainable way

  • Green chemistry: Finding less toxic ways to design products

  • Green hospitality: Treating guests to a nurturing stay that’s green and sustainable

  • Green information technology (IT): Running computer equipment more efficiently

  • Green marketing: Persuading people to take new actions

  • Green medicine: Discovering more efficient and less wasteful ways to provide medical care

  • Waste-to-energy: Converting mounds of waste into a renewable energy source