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Green Gift Giving: Regifting

Regifting — giving a gift you’ve received to someone else as a gift — is a way to recycle unwanted or unneeded items. You can also regift something that’s important to you and thus share its value — perhaps creating an heirloom for the recipient. For example, you may regift a painting or a book that has given you inspiration or encouragement to a loved one undergoing a difficult experience.

Regifting isn’t for everyone; in fact, some consider it quite rude. And you need to be conscious about what you regift to whom. For example, it may not be the wisest idea to regift the birthday present your parents gave you, and it’s definitely not a good idea to regift an item if there’s a chance that either the new recipient or the original giver could find out and be offended.

In the right circumstances, regifting offers significant advantages:

  • You aren’t buying new goods. You’re subscribing to the principle of reducing waste and thus reducing the amount of energy used to produce new products.

  • You’re reusing something. You’re giving something to someone who will make use of it, thereby keeping the item out of a landfill site.

  • You’re eliminating the need to recycle the item. You’re saving the energy required to reprocess the item.