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Going Green by Buying in Bulk

The next time you go grocery shopping, take the green solution and consider buying in bulk. Bulk items contain less packaging, which is better for the environment. When you see an ad for individually wrapped fruit, you should think about the waste it produces. Even if you love fruit and tend to eat one or two pieces per snack, it surely can’t be that much more convenient if each piece comes in its own little wrapper.

Single-serve products and multiple layers of packaging take a lot of energy and resources to make. As you scan the contents of your grocery cart, start ringing up the CO2 emissions! And to add insult to injury, the more packaging, the more trash you have to deal with. Think about plastic, one of the most common packaging materials. It’s made of nonrenewable fossil fuel — and plastics #3 through #7 are rarely accepted for recycling.

Even if you live alone, you can still buy family-sized quantities of products. And when available, buy in bulk. Also try to be more cognizant of layers of packaging and choosing the least-wrapped. Tea, for example: loose tea in a reusable tin rather than a box of individually wrapped bags. And cheese: the big chunk of Colby rather than the plastic-wrapped slices with paper between each slice.