Gardening Tip: Keeping Dirt and Toxins Out of Your Home

If you’re a gardener, a big challenge is keeping dirt and pesticides out of your house. It’s a near impossible effort to keep from tracking part of your garden into your house as you traipse back and forth from vegetable bed to kitchen sink to garage to flower borders.

During the garden season, it’s pretty easy to sweep up and clean off the crumbly loam that ends up in your house. But what about all the other crud that could make its way onto your floors: car oil, salt crystals, herbicides, and other pollutants and toxins. That’s why establishing your home as a shoe-free zone can improve indoor air quality and guarantee sweep-and-mop reduction.

One solution is to keep a rubber mat and a basket of slippers just inside your door. Every time you come inside, off go the shoes and on go the slippers, keeping unwelcome irritants outside, reducing wear and tear on the floor, and sidestepping the need to clean as frequently.