Converting Energy and Power Measurements - dummies

Converting Energy and Power Measurements

By Carol Baroudi, Jeffrey Hill, Arnold Reinhold, Jhana Senxian

Part of Green IT For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Information technology — computers and related equipment — is the largest energy consumer in many organizations. Because generating electricity impacts the environment in a big way, wise power use is IT’s biggest green concern and opportunity. A key step in making your IT department greener is assessing its current energy use and needs. The following tables explain how to convert common energy measurements so that you can convert various power measurements into a common measurement when needed, as you assess your energy needs.

Conversion Factors (Multiply By)
Energy From Energy to BTUs Energy to Kilojoules Energy to Kilowatt-Hours
BTUs 1 1.055 .000293
Kilojoules (KJ) .948 1 .000278
Kilowatt-Hours (KWh) 3412 3600 1
Conversion Factors (Multiply By)
Power From Power to BTU/Hour Power to Watts Power to MWh/Year
BTU/Hour 1 .293 .0299
Watts 3.412 1 .008766
Megawatt-Hours/Year(MWh/Yr) 33.43 114 1