CO2 Emissions by Fossil Fuels Annually per Capita - dummies

CO2 Emissions by Fossil Fuels Annually per Capita

By Carol Baroudi, Jeffrey Hill, Arnold Reinhold, Jhana Senxian

Part of Green IT For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When carbon dioxide emissions are released into the atmosphere, they trap heat from the sun and contribute to global warming. Working towards environmentally-friendly information technology (IT) reduces energy use and CO2 emissions. Check out the following chart to see the different amounts of CO2 emissions from fossil-fuels contributed per capita in countries throughout the world.

Region/Country Emissions per Capita
United States 5.49
Canada 5.25
Netherlands 4.48
Saudi Arabia 4.26
Belgium 3.57
Russia 3.24
Germany 2.79
United Kingdom 2.60
Europe 2.16
Middle East 2.16
France 1.80
Switzerland 1.67
China 1.11
Mexico 1.02
Asia and Oceania .78
Brazil .53
Africa .32
India .29
World 1.19

Metric Tons Carbon Equivalent, 2005