Buying Green Office Equipment and Supplies - dummies

Buying Green Office Equipment and Supplies

If you have purchasing power in your workplace, buy eco-friendly goods. If someone else is in charge of equipment and supply purchasing, encourage your boss or purchasing office to buy green whenever possible. It’s great to recycle paper, but it’s even better to buy paper produced from recycled materials and then recycle it again!

Before buying new, apply the green basics of reusing, repairing, and recycling, whether you’re looking at machinery, paint, copy paper, or toilet paper.

Follow (or make) these suggestions, keeping in mind that most of them not only make the company greener but also save it money:

  • Check whether the business already has something that can do the job for which the new item is being considered.

  • Rent instead of buying new.

  • Look for a version that has nontoxic components and as much recycled material as possible.

  • Choose the option with as little packaging as possible.

  • Opt for rechargeable batteries whenever possible.

  • Buy the most energy-efficient product that will last as long as possible. When purchasing office equipment, look for Energy Star ratings.

  • Make sure that equipment can be serviced and repaired so that it lasts as long as possible.

  • Consider what happens when the item is used up, no longer needed, or can no longer be repaired. How will it be disposed of? Avoid sending these items to the landfill if possible by donating them to an organization that can use them or by recycling their components as appropriate.

Buy from local companies to reduce the distance that items have to be transported, thereby reducing the amount of fuel needed to get them to your workplace.