Analyzing Household Product Efficiency before Making Purchases - dummies

Analyzing Household Product Efficiency before Making Purchases

Part of Green Your Home All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When investing in appliances or home improvements, consider the life expectancy and other environmentally-friendly factors that contribute to a greener home. In order to ensure good payback, your choice should be focused and deliberate, so answer these questions for every option you’re considering:

  1. How long will the appliance last?

  2. How does the pollution output vary over time?

  3. Will the energy efficiency decrease over time (the answer is almost always yes because parts wear out, friction increases, and so on), and if so, by how much?

  4. How much maintenance will be required over time, and will you be able to do the labor and maintenance in subsequent years?

  5. How long is the warranty, and how much will unwarranted repairs cost?

  6. Who will be doing the service, and where do parts come from?

  7. How will the future costs of energy affect the financial efficiencies?

  8. What are the financing costs, and are there tax advantages now? Will there be tax advantages in the future that aren’t available now?