Adopting Four Primary Green Living Strategies - dummies

Adopting Four Primary Green Living Strategies

Implement these green living strategies to enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle every day. By embracing these practices, you promote improved sustainability, decrease your carbon footprint, and become part of the solution to the environmental problems facing the planet.

Reduce consumption

Anything you do to decrease the amount of the Earth’s resources you use — from choosing goods with less packaging to turning down your home’s thermostat a few degrees in the winter — helps you to lead a more sustainable life.

Choose carefully

Assessing where certain products and services come from by thinking about their entire life cycles from manufacture to disposal helps you make the greenest choices possible. You not only protect the environment but also protect the people involved in the manufacturing process.

Choose renewable resources

Replacing your use of nonrenewable resources (such as energy based on fossil fuels) with renewable resources (such as solar or wind energy) is a very powerful green action — and it can be easier than you think.

Repair your community

There are plenty of ways you can help fix the damage that’s already been done to the environment, from supporting tree-planting projects to helping out with community programs at home and around the world.