11 Positive Thoughts to Help Healing from Postpartum Depression - dummies

11 Positive Thoughts to Help Healing from Postpartum Depression

By Shoshana S. Bennett, Mary Jo Codey

Part of Postpartum Depression For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Repeating truths to yourself is quite powerful and can advance your postpartum depression (PPD) recovery in a huge way (and likewise, repeating falsehoods can greatly slow it down). Here are 11 positive thoughts to focus on. You may have a difficult time feeling the truth of these statements at first because the PPD makes you doubt your worth. But, this difficult and doubtful time is when you need to focus on these statements the most.

Carry this list around until these statements come naturally to you (then you know you don’t need the list anymore!). Feel free to replace the underlined part of each statement with your own words. If you have difficulty truly believing any of these statements, review them and add your own spin on them with the help of a therapist.

  • I’m a good mom because Im trying to get well and I care about my family.

  • I’m a good mom because Im getting help for myself and my child(ren) will benefit.

  • It’s important to be kind to myself because it will speed up my recovery.

  • I will take care of myself because I need my strength to take care of my family.

  • I’m taking care of myself by seeing a therapist, and asking for help from others.

  • I have support people who care about me and who are cheering me on.

  • I will ask for help and accept it because thats what healthy people do.

  • This is only temporary — I’m looking forward to enjoying my life.

  • I will follow the plan for recovery because I look forward to enjoying my life.

  • I know I’ll get well because Im following an excellent recovery plan.

  • I know I’m not alone since almost one in five mothers around the world have postpartum depression, too.