The Forward Bend in Yoga - dummies

The Forward Bend in Yoga

In yoga, the forward bend is an extremely relaxing pose, because you stretch your back and legs. These step-by-step instructions demonstrate the forward bend. From here, you want to pick up a book, rent a video, or take a class to obtain guidance on how long to hold these poses, how often to repeat them, and how to combine them with other poses.

1Start in a sitting position, with your legs out in front of you in a V, toes pointed up toward the ceiling.

Use whatever width of V is comfortable for you. Pull up on your butt so that you are resting on your pelvic bone.

2Stretch your arms straight up and inhale.

Try to lengthen your spine as you stretch.

3As you exhale, lean your chest forward.

Keep your back straight as you lean forward.

4Try to bring your chin to your shins and your chest to your thighs.

Ease into the stretch and go as far as you comfortably can.