GURPS Active Defense Modifiers - dummies

GURPS Active Defense Modifiers

By Adam Griffith, Bjoern-Erik Hartsfvang, Stuart J. Stuple

Part of GURPS For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In GURPS combat, defending your character by avoiding and effectively absorbing a hit is sometimes more important than landing a hit. Good weapons for defense are shields and armor, but remember not to weigh your character down. When performing a dodge, block, or parry, figure your active defense roll by

  1. Taking your calculated Dodge, Block, or Parry score.

    The Combat Reflexes and Enhanced Defenses advantages increase these values above their base.

  2. Applying the relevant modifiers below.

    All modifiers are cumulative.

A roll of this number, or less, means you avoid the attack.

Defenders Equipment

  • Parrying with dagger or knife: –1 to Parry

  • Parrying with kusari or whip: –2 to Parry

  • Parrying with quarterstaff: +2 to Parry

  • Shield or cloak: +DB of shield, except vs. firearms

  • Unarmed parry vs. weapon: –3 to Parry (+0 vs. thrust, or with Judo or Karate)

Defenders Maneuver

  • All-Out Attack: No defense possible!

  • All-Out Defense (Increased Defense): +2 to one of Dodge, Block, or Parry

  • Move and Attack: Dodge or block only; you cannot parry

Defenders Posture

  • Crawling or lying down: –3

  • Kneeling or sitting: –2

Defenders Situation

  • Above attacker: +1 for 3′ difference, +2 for 4′, or +3 for 5′

  • Affliction (coughing, retching, etc.): See Afflictions on p. 428 in GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns

  • Bad footing: –1 or more (GM’s option)

  • Below attacker: –1 for 3′ difference, –2 for 4′, or –3 for 5′

  • Can’t see attacker: –4, and a block or parry requires a Hearing –2 roll

  • Close combat: Only reach “C” weapons can parry

  • Distraction (e.g., clothes on fire): –1 or more (GM’s option)

  • Encumbered: Penalty equal to encumbrance level to Dodge, or to Judo, Karate, or any fencing Parry

  • Mounted: Penalty equal to difference between 12 and Riding skill (no penalty for Riding at 12+)

  • Stunned: –4

Nature of Attack

  • Attack from behind: No defense possible (defense at –2 with Peripheral Vision)

  • Attack from side or “runaround” attack: –2 (no penalty with Peripheral Vision)

  • Attacker used laser sight: +1 to Dodge if dot is visible

  • Deceptive Attack: –1 per –2 the attacker took to his attack

  • Dual-Weapon Attack: –1 if both attacks strike the same target

  • Flail: –4 to Parry/–2 to Block (–2/–1 vs. nunchaku); fencing weapons can’t parry at all

  • Successful feint: Penalty equal to attacker’s margin of victory

  • Thrown weapon: –1 to Parry, or –2 to Parry if weapon is small (1 lb. or less)

Other Actions by Defender

  • Acrobatic Dodge: +2 to Dodge if Acrobatics roll succeeds, –2 if it fails

  • Dodge and Drop: +3 to Dodge vs. ranged attack

  • Feverish Defense: +2 (costs 1 FP)

  • Multiple parries: –4 to Parry per parry after the first, cumulative (halved for fencing weapons and for Trained By A Master or Weapon Master)

  • Off-hand parry: –2 to Parry (no penalty with Ambidexterity)

  • Retreat: +3 to Dodge, or to Boxing, Judo, Karate, or any fencing Parry; +1 otherwise