GameMaker: Studio Keyboard Commands - dummies

GameMaker: Studio Keyboard Commands

By Michael Rohde

Part of GameMaker: Studio For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Here are the best keyboard commands GameMaker: Studio has to offer. These time- and energy-saving keyboard combinations are available from the GameMaker: Studio main Project window.

Keyboard commands are a great way to get things done quickly. They provide a shortcut to accessing menus and different features. So, instead of clicking around on menus, you can use a keyboard command to get what you want.

Action Keyboard Command
Open a new project Ctrl+N
Open an existing project Ctrl+O
Import a project Ctrl+I
Exit GameMaker: Studio Alt+F4
Create a duplicate Alt+Ins
Create a group Shift+Ins
Delete something Shift+Del
Rename something F2
Open the Properties window Alt+Enter
Create a shader Shift+Ctrl+A
Create a clean build F7
Access the in-software manual F1
Open GameMaker: Studio in Explorer Ctrl+Alt+O
Open project in Explorer Ctrl+Alt+P

The following keyboard commands are available from a Script Editor window:

Action Keyboard Command
Opens the code snippet pop-up window F2
Makes the size of the font smaller F7
Makes the size of the font bigger F8
Toggles the color coding for the code F10
Search, find, and replace Ctrl+F
Undo the last action Ctrl+Z
Redo the last action Ctrl+Shift+Z
Select text Shift+arrow keys
Force the auto-complete to appear (if you have it turned off in
the Scripts preferences)