Low-GL Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables - dummies

Low-GL Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

By Nigel Denby, Sue Baic

Part of The GL Diet For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Good news: on the glycaemic load diet, you can indulge in hundreds of beautiful, scrumptious fruits and veggies. Check out this guide to what’s in season when.

Fruits Vegetables
Spring Rhubarb, grapes, limes, passion fruit, sharon fruit, lemons,
grapefruit, avocados
Leeks, cabbage, watercress, new potatoes, spinach, aubergines,
radishes, rocket, spring greens
Summer Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, redcurrants,
blackcurrants, cherries, nectarines, melons
Asparagus, baby carrots, fresh peas, tomatoes, runner beans,
lettuce, cucumber, courgettes, peppers mange tout
Autumn Blackberries, apples pears, gooseberries, damsons, plums,
elderberries, greengages, plums
Pumpkin, onions, fennel, wild mushrooms, squash, turnips, red
cabbage, celeriac, swede
Winter Satsumas, clementines, cranberries, mandarins, tangerines,
pears, pomegranates
Brussels sprouts, chicory, cauliflower, kale, celery,
mushrooms, purple sprouting broccoli