How to Check Your Body's pH Level - dummies

How to Check Your Body’s pH Level

By Julie Wilkinson

Part of Acid Alkaline Diet For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Testing urine pH is a simple way to monitor the effects of your acid alkaline diet. It’s not absolutely necessary, but readings can help you tailor the acid alkaline diet to your needs. Testing daily, in the early morning, is advised.

  1. Remove one test strip or rip a three-inch piece off of the roll.

  2. Begin to void and release about two seconds worth of urine (the initial urine stream is more acidic from sitting in your body).

  3. Place the piece of paper or strip directly in the urine stream until it’s thoroughly moistened.

  4. Check the results immediately by comparing the color on your strip or paper to the keyed color chart on your bottle or in the packaging.

    The pH number that best corresponds to your color is your urine’s pH measurement.

  5. Write down your results for future reference.

  6. Discard the used strip. They are not reusable.

Repeat the test as often as you desire, but generally once a day is enough.