Stocking Your Kitchen with Low-Glycemic Foods - dummies

Stocking Your Kitchen with Low-Glycemic Foods

By Meri Reffetto

Part of Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Keeping your kitchen stocked with low-glycemic staples helps you adhere to a low-glycemic lifestyle. When you can easily make food in your own kitchen, you’re more likely to make lifelong changes. Here is a master grocery list of low-glycemic foods to get you started.

Food Type Low-Glycemic Options
Breads Ezekiel Sprouted-Grain Bread
Natural Ovens Hunger-Filler Bread
Grains Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice
Brown rice
Cheese Tortellini
Pearl barley
Dairy Low-fat yogurt
Fat-free milk
Low-fat cottage cheese
Fruit Any fresh fruit
Fruit canned in its own juice
Fresh or frozen berries
Vegetables Fresh, frozen, or canned (except for potatoes, which are
Protein foods Chicken
Lean beef
Dried or canned legumes
Lean deli meats
Fish or seafood