Salaries for Nanotechnology Jobs - dummies

By Earl Boysen, Nancy C. Muir, Desiree Dudley, Christine Peterson

Nanotechnology spreads its fingers into almost every industry. It’s so new that companies developing products and processes that use nanotechnology are scrambling to find qualified workers to help them succeed. Jobs range from those who develop nanotechnology-based products to those who sell those products. And the salaries have a corresponding range.

According to Pennsylvania State University Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization, you can expect a rough range of salaries in nanotechnology jobs based on the degree you obtain:

  • Two-year associate’s degree: $30,000–$50,000

  • Four-year bachelor’s degree: $35,000–$65,000

  • Six-year master’s degree: $40,000–$80,000

  • Eight-year doctorate: $75,000–$100,000

Technical school and associate’s degrees will probably lead to nanotechnician jobs, performing somewhat routine chores in a fabrication or laboratory setting. Bachelor’s degrees may lead a range of positions from process engineering in a manufacturing facility to marketing. Master’s and doctorate degrees may lead to higher paying and perhaps more challenging jobs in research or academia.

These salaries will vary depending on the industry and the job, but one thing is sure: These numbers will only increase in the future.

For more information about careers for nanotechnologists, visit the National Nanotechnology Initiative Careers in Nanotechnology website. On this site you’ll find links to relevant associations and career centers as well as some interesting links to articles on careers in nanotechnology. One word of warning: Because things change fast in nano and governments move slowly, sometimes links on this site won’t work.