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Organizations Working on Ethical Considerations in Nanotechnology

By Earl Boysen, Nancy C. Muir, Desiree Dudley, Christine Peterson

Great minds are hard at work trying to address all the ethical challenges of nanotechnology. Here is a sampling of those groups. Visit their websites to discover more about them:

  • The Nanoethics Group is an organization that studies the ethical and societal implications of nanotechnology. They encourage public dialog and work with nanotech groups to study ethical issues.

  • The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology is a nonprofit research group. They state that their focus includes “the major societal and environmental implications of advanced nanotechnology.”

  • The International Council on Nanotechnology focuses on global implications of nanotechnology. Their stated mission is “to develop and communicate information regarding potential environmental and health risks of nanotechnology, thereby fostering risk reduction while maximizing societal benefit.”


  • Latin American Nanotechnology and Society Network is a group that works to create a forum for people to discuss nanotechnology development in Latin America. The group helps universities, governments, and other organizations communicate and examine “the political, economic, social, legal, ethical and environmental implications of nanotechnologies that are domestically developed, and/or in collaboration with foreign centers and institutions, and imported goods that contain nanocomponents.”

  • Various research groups such as the Whitesides Research Group at Harvard University are looking at health issues in developing countries. The Whitesides group is exploring nano and the disciplines of materials science, engineering, and biology and how they can address global issues with a focus on healthcare diagnostics and local energy needs.