Nanotechnology Degree Programs at Universities of Leeds and Sheffield - dummies

Nanotechnology Degree Programs at Universities of Leeds and Sheffield

By Earl Boysen, Nancy C. Muir, Desiree Dudley, Christine Peterson

Nanofolio is a joint program between the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield. These schools tout that they have “the longest established nanotechnology masters courses in Europe.” Their courses fit the bill for students from most scientific and engineering programs and fall into four degree areas:

The resources they offer students include several recognized centers and labs for research, including the following:

  • Centre for Molecular Nanoscience: This Centre is located at the University of Leeds and has a focus on bottom-up nanotechnology including molecular self-assembly. This Centre offers opportunities for postgraduate students to work with a strong academic team on their research.

  • Centre for Nano-Device Modeling: This Centre is also located at the University of Leeds and coordinates nanotechnology device modeling across the departments of applied mathematics, electronic and electrical engineering, physics, and astronomy.

  • Sheffield NanoLab: This lab provides research facilities for nanorobotics, nanomanipulation, nanometrology, nanotomography, nanoparticles, and nanomaterials characterization. PhD students at the University of Sheffield can take advantage of the lab’s resources.

    Nanometrology has to do with measuring things at the nanoscale. Nanotomography involves using x-rays to examine cross sections of materials to create virtual 3-D models, where the cross sections are taken at the nanoscale.

  • Leeds EPSRC Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Facility: This facility at the University of Leeds offers a wide range of nanocharacterization and nanofabrication equipment. Access to their facility is limited to researchers who have or are eligible for an EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) grant.