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Nanotechnology Associate’s Degree Program at Dakota County Technical College

By Earl Boysen, Nancy C. Muir, Desiree Dudley, Christine Peterson

Not everybody who is interested in nanotechnology wants to be a Nobel Prize winner. Some folks just want to get a foot in the door in this exciting industry. The Dakota County Technical College is unique and ahead of the curve, because they offer an associate’s degree in Nanoscience Technology. Additionally, they do outreach to support and encourage nanoscience classes in high schools.

According to their website “This program prepares students for careers in the nanobiotech, nanomaterials and nanoelectronics industries. Offered through a partnership with the University of Minnesota, the program gives graduates the skills and knowledge to land jobs in companies and corporations applying nanotechnology to product development, testing, research and development, and manufacturing design.”


DCTC also has more than 25 partners in the corporate sector that offer both lecturers and an internship program. Through an association with the University of Minnesota, students may be able to access lectures and laboratory time at that school’s Nanofabrication Center.

As evidence of the success of this technical college’s role in nanotechnology education, the National Science Foundation awarded them a $3 million grant to develop the Midwest Regional Center for Nanotechnology Education, or Nano-Link.