Clothing Nanomaterials that Counteract Odors - dummies

Clothing Nanomaterials that Counteract Odors

By Earl Boysen, Nancy C. Muir, Desiree Dudley, Christine Peterson

Thanks to modern science and nanotechnology, you may soon be able to smell like a rose even when running in your tracksuit or doing yard work on a hot August day.

Microorganisms cause most bad odors. The good news is that microorganisms in the form of bacteria can’t live around silver ions. A new product called SmartSilver from NanoHorizons uses silver nanoparticles to kill odors in clothing, medical materials, and household goods.

This technology generates silver ions from the surface of silver nanoparticles, making it a more effective odor killer. The silver nanoparticles bond at the molecular level to the fabric in this process, which translates into odor protection that literally never wears out (unlike your average room freshener).

SmartSilver is used in socks made by Wigwam.


SmartSilver is also available in shoes made by Zoot. Their linings use antimicrobial SmartSilver to reduce moisture, odor, and hot spots. These shoes are perfect for runners.


The antimicrobial properties of SmartSilver seem to be a natural for clothing used by medical professionals. You can find scrubs using SmartSilver on the Nursing Scrub Shop website.

Another manufacturer named Odegon Technologies offers teabag-sized bags to help freshen your clothing. The bags (which they call tags) contain nanoporous material that rounds up and stores molecules that cause odors.