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Top Six Online Games to Help You Learn Maths

Dozens of good websites offer games to help you learn maths facts and techniques. Some are fun, others serious, and others somewhere in between. Here are some favourites:

  • Manga High is a beautifully designed maths games and lessons website. It covers a wide range of topics and is a very useful maths site.

  • The BBC Skillswise site isn’t quite so polished, but is more focused on adult numeracy. It’s organised with factsheets, worksheets and games to keep you on top of the topics you need to learn.

  • My Maths is a subscription site that concentrates more on GCSE and A-level than adult numeracy. All the same, there are some free sample games that will allow you to practise a few of your skills.

  • Math Motorway is simple but brilliant: answer questions on adding, taking away, dividing and/or multiplying as quickly as you can. Every time you get one right, your car moves forward – can you win the race?

  • Count on provides some more nice basic maths games here.

  • The numbers game from Countdown is a great way to sharpen your mental arithmetic skills.