How to Target Romance-Genre Publishers and Editors - dummies

How to Target Romance-Genre Publishers and Editors

By Leslie Wainger

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Knowing which publishers and editors to target can help get your romance novel published. The chances of getting your romance novel published increase significantly if you determine key publishers and editors and the types of romance they’re publishing.

  • Check bookstores: Make use of both the brick-and-mortar and online varieties to see who’s publishing books similar to yours. Bookstore employees may also be able to offer insight in the direction publishers are going in the near future.

  • Read writers’ magazines and market guides: Check these sources to see who’s looking for books like yours.

  • Network: Keep your ears and eyes open at writers’ conferences and talk to everyone you can.

  • Make full use the Internet: Publishers’ own sites give you accurate sources, and online writers’ bulletin boards, e-mail lists, and related sites have all kinds of useful information — but watch out for unsubstantiated rumors.

  • Read in-book dedications: Authors often mention their editors’ names.