How to Set Up Skylook: Skype + Microsoft Outlook - dummies

How to Set Up Skylook: Skype + Microsoft Outlook

By Loren Abdulezer, Susan Abdulezer, Howard Dammond, Niklas Zennstrom

Setting up Skylook binds Skype and Outlook tightly together. Once Skylook is set up, you don’t sense that Skype and Outlook are two separate programs running at the same time. You see one interface, one program to open, and one environment in which to store and send messages.

Skype and Outlook are, in fact, two separate pieces of software. To truly have them work together, you need to give them a little help connecting.

You can easily get the Skylook plugin to use with your Outlook program.

  1. Install Skype and install Outlook.

    Skylook is not an independent program; it is a plugin. You need to have both Skype and Outlook properly installed before downloading and installing Skylook.

    Skylook does not work with Outlook Express.

  2. On the Internet, navigate to

    You can choose either the Skylook 2.0 all-in-one deluxe edition or the Skylook 1.5 free basic edition.

  3. Click Skylook 1.5.

    The Download Skylook 1.5 page opens.

  4. Enter your name and e-mail address. press the Download Skylook 1.5 button, and then press the Run button.

  5. The installation wizard opens.

    If you are prompted to choose a place to save the Skylook installer file, click Save to place the file in a default folder on your hard drive. You can choose any location, as long as you can locate the file on a program such as the Windows Explorer. Jot down the path to the folder where you save the Skylook installer file.

    Once Skylook is downloaded, you will be e-mailed an unlock code.

  6. Open Outlook, view that e-mail, and write down the unlock code before you begin the Skylook installation.

  7. Quit Outlook.

    Outlook must be closed in order for Skylook to be installed. Skype can remain open.

  8. Launch the Skylook install wizard by choosing Start→All Programs→Accessories→Windows Explorer; then, navigate to the installer file you just saved and double-click the file.

  9. If a Windows User Account Control window appears, click on Allow. Click I Accept the Terms in the License Agreement and then click Next.

    Before proceeding with the installation, make sure that you close the Microsoft Outlook application if it is running. The Skylook installer program does some behind-the-scenes work so that the next time you open Outlook, Skylook kicks into action and asks for the unlock key.

  10. When you finish the Skylook installation, launch Outlook.

    Skylook is now integrated into Outlook, but it still needs some configuration. The Skype security screen appears at the top of the Skype page. This same screen appears when any program that wants to use Skype opens. To continue, you must officially introduce the two programs and agree to let Skylook and Skype work together.

  11. Click Allow access.

    Skylook is now integrated with Outlook, and you will see a Skylook toolbar in your Outlook program which will allow you to perform all the Skylook functions right from within Outlook.

To use the call recording feature of Skylook, you need to have Windows Media Player 9 or later installed. Download Media Player at