8 Ways to Go Public on the Internet - dummies

8 Ways to Go Public on the Internet

By John R. Levine, Margaret Levine Young

You can post information on the Internet in lots of different ways. Some require more start-up effort than others. Here’s an overview of the best methods for putting your own information online:

  • Join a social network: Websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace started as glorified personal ads and have expanded to include photos, video, email, blogs, polls — you name it.

  • Create photo galleries: Many sites enable you to create an online gallery of photos or other pictures. Make your gallery public or share it with only friends and family.

  • Share videos: If you have home videos, animated movies, or other digital video you created or edited using software on your PC or Mac, you can post it on a number of video sites.

  • Share documents, spreadsheets, and calendars: Post word processing documents or spreadsheets that select personnel can view or edit, and create calendars that others can see and change.

  • Write a weblog (blog): Create an online diary or journal with chronological entries.

  • Use Twitter to let your friends know what you’re up to: Twitter is a little, tiny blog where you post short messages (tweets) and read other people’s messages.

  • Build a handcrafted website: You can use Google Sites, Homestead, Weebly, or a web page editor to create a website with pages of your choosing.

  • Sell stuff: Sell goods or services in an online storefront or auction.