How to Make a Beaded Stretchy Ring - dummies

By Heather Dismore

Stretchy rings are a quick and easy accessory to make. All you need is a bold slider bead (a bead with more than one stringing hole) and stretchy cord, and you’re on your way to awesome.


You may find it easier to tie knots with longer strands of cord, which is why the materials list suggests starting with 18 inches of stretch cord. This ring has about 6 inches of cord in the finished piece, so if you can tie knots with shorter strands, feel free.

Tools and Materials

1 22mm metal and resin two-hole slider bead

18 inches of 5mm-diameter stretch cord, clear

Flexible beading needle

30 11/0 seed beads, gold

Hypo Cement

  1. String both loops of one side of the slider bead on the stretch cord. Situate the slider bead in the center of the cord.

  2. Using the beading needle, string 5 beads onto each tail.

  3. Rethread the beading needle onto both tails. Slide a single seed bead onto both strands to join the strands together.

    The two strands of beads connect to make a V.


  4. Continue stringing seed beads onto the doubled strand until you have 15 beads.


  5. Remove the beading needle and rethread it onto one tail. String on 5 beads. Repeat with the other tail.


  6. Thread each tail through the corresponding loop on the open side of the slider, stringing the tails from the outside toward the inside.


  7. Pull the strands taut to remove any slack.

    Don’t stretch the cord, though, because you want to leave elasticity in the finished ring. (This way, you can wear the ring easily on your pointer, middle, or ring finger.)


  8. Tie several square knots to secure the strands and apply a bit of Hypo Cement to the knots.

  9. Trim the tails to the knots.

Allow the glue to dry for about an hour before wearing the finished project.