Using Voice Search on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK - dummies

Using Voice Search on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

You can enter internet browsing requests by typing on the virtual keyboard or by handwriting entries on a character recognition panel on Your Tab S2 NOOK. But hear now, here’s something else: computer-assisted dictation, which you can use when your tablet is connected to an active Wi-Fi system.

  1. Tap the microphone icon (at the right side of the address bar).

    You’ll see a little box on screen with a slightly larger icon of a microphone and the instructions, “Speak now.” That’s your cue.

  2. Speak now, as clearly as you can, in the direction of the tiny microphone on your tablet.

    The voice recognition is quite accurate, understanding nearly all search requests about 85 percent of the time.

Voice Search can help with simple questions like these:

  • What time is it in Tblisi?

  • Will it rain tomorrow in Casablanca?

  • Where was Alexander Graham Bell born?

  • How do you say “That’s enough” in Latin?

The system’s smart enough to make some logical leaps. When asked, “Will I need an umbrella today?” the tablet figured the user was seeking the forecast.

The d**ned thing can even understand many curse words, at least to the point of ignoring them if they’re an unnecessary part of a question.

Google's Voice Search on the Galaxy Tab S2 Nook.
Voice Search does a pretty good job of interpreting your spoken commands, although some of its interpretations can be a bit odd.