Taking a Panorama Shot with a Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK - dummies

Taking a Panorama Shot with a Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

Part of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK Cheat Sheet

Taking a panoramic picture with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK takes practice. Shooting a good panoramic picture with a Tab 4 requires even more photography practice. Tips for composing the photo and holding your Samsung tablet steady will help.

  1. Tap the Camera app.

  2. Tap the current mode (in the bottom left).

  3. Tap Panorama.

  4. Brace yourself.

    Make yourself and your tablet as steady as possible. Pull your elbows in to your chest and hold the tablet as close to you as you can, while looking through the viewfinder. Breathe slowly and evenly; some photographers even hold their breath to minimize movement.

  5. Tap the Shutter button. The camera will take a picture.

    The bottom of the screen fills with thumbnails as you take pictures. Use them to help construct your panorama.

  6. Pivot slightly to your right or left.

    As you move the camera, you see a green rectangle. The rectangle frames what will be the next shot in the image.

  7. Keep pivoting to fill the frame for the next photo.

    The tablet camera will shoot the next image each time you fill the frame properly. The camera will expect to take eight images for the panorama.

    If you want to take fewer than eight images in your panoramic shot, tap the Shutter icon to stop.

    After the final image is taken, the tablet stitches (assembles) the panorama. You can see it in the preview screen.