Signing in to Chrome from Your Tab 4 NOOK - dummies

Signing in to Chrome from Your Tab 4 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

An advantage of using the Chrome browser on your Tab 4 NOOK is its ability to sync between all of the devices you attach to the same account: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones included.

Here’s what happens when you sign in to the Chrome browser while using an active Wi-Fi connection: All of your web page bookmarks, tabs, history, and other browser preferences are saved to your Google account. At the same time, any changes you made while using another computer, tablet, or smartphone that uses the same Google account are synced to your Tab 4 NOOK.

You can manage the data by going to the Google Dashboard. Signing into Chrome also opens the door to personalizations you may have made to other Google services such as Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps.

If you’ve set up your Tab 4 NOOK to automatically sign in to your Google account each time you turn it on, you’re all set.

To turn on or off automatic sign-in, do this:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Chrome icon.

  2. Tap the Menu icon in the upper-right corner.

  3. Tap Settings.

  4. From the Basics section, tap the Google sign-in name you registered when you set up your Tab 4 NOOK.


  5. Tap to remove or enter a check mark in the Auto Sign-In option.

If you borrow someone’s computer or tablet, or use a public computer, don’t sign in to your Google account. When you set up Chrome with your Google account, a copy of your data is stored on the computer you’re using. Other users can get that information there.

To remove your data, delete the user you’re signed in as. Using your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK with Chrome is relatively safe, as long as you keep the device protected by a password and under your control.