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Showing Your Own Movies on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

One of the beauties of your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK is that you don’t need tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to produce a picture or a movie. And the magic of digital video means you can point, shoot, and immediately see your work. The following information deals with video you’ve made for yourself, using the built-in video camera of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK.

When you buy through the NOOK Shop, the Google Play Store, Amazon, Apple, and most other sources, you play the movie using a simple interface that has Play, Pause, Rewind, and Fast Forward.

Movies that you record with the video camera are stored in the MP4 file format. That’s not something you have to bother with, except if you want to import another video from a computer or other source; MP4 is the preferred format, although the tablet should handle most videos encoded in 3GP, WMV, AVI, and a few other formats.

Remember, the tablet should be able to work with other formats because it might balk at files that stray even a tiny bit away from certain formats. You can find some conversion utilities on the Internet that are pretty good at fixing certain deficiencies.

Loading a video

Playing a video that you made with your Tab S2 NOOK is exactly this easy: Find the file, tap the Play icon, sit back (not too far), and watch. It’s so easy that Samsung and Google have dotted the Home and the App screens with multiple onramps to the movie screen.

The playback screen for a video is remarkably similar to the one for music.

Here you can see the Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, and More buttons.
Here you can see the Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, and More buttons.

Using the Gallery to play videos

Here’s how to start in the Gallery, which has all your photographs and videos:

  1. In the Apps collection, tap the Gallery icon.

  2. Tap the folder called Camera.

    Photographs are thumbnails. Video files look similar, but have a large Play icon on them.

  3. Tap the Play icon.

    The video enlarges to fill the screen.

  4. Tap it one more time to start the video.

Using MyFiles to play videos

You can get to videos from the MyFiles app, which is similar to Windows Explorer on a PC and the Finder on a Mac machine.

  1. From any Home screen, tap MyFiles.

  2. Tap the Videos tab on the left side.

  3. Tap the filename for any video you see listed in the right panel.

    You can start videos from MyFiles. If you touch the More button (upper right), you can move, copy,
    You can start videos from MyFiles. If you touch the More button (upper right), you can move, copy, or rename any video file displayed here.

The first time you watch a video from the Gallery, you may be offered a choice of players: the Video Player or Photos. You can choose one and then tap Always to make that a permanent assignment. If you tap Just Once, you see the same message the next time you play a video from the Gallery.

Both Video Player and Photos apps work fine. Both have a basic Trim tool that allows you to choose a starting and ending point for the video. They also have a Details option, which tells you the file’s size, resolution, and duration. You can also export your video to a personal computer and use a more full-featured editor to create your own blockbuster.

Video Player has a few extra options, including grayscale, blur, invert (a negative image), sepia, and sharpening of the file.

The Trim button allows you to cut out and save a section.
The Trim button allows you to cut out and save a section.

Using the Video app

With this app, there’s no need to choose a folder.

  • Tap the video’s filename or thumbnail.

  • From the Video app, you can tap the Folder icon to look for a specific video.

  • Tap the Search icon in the Video app and type a search term.

You can play a video from the Camera and Photos apps.

Managing your videos

You can cut away unwanted parts of a video at its beginning or end using the Trim tool. But to tell you the truth, the apps on your Tab S2 NOOK for video aren’t all that helpful for anything other than playing them back.

If you want to do some video editing, including cutting, special effects, and sound, transfer the file to a desktop or personal computer and use the software there.

You can share the file with many services and apps, even while you’re watching. Tap the Share icon on the screen or do this:

  1. Tap the Play icon to pause.

  2. Tap the Menu (three stacked lines) icon.

  3. Choose Share.

    Depending on how your tablet is set up and which apps you have, you might be able to send the file by Bluetooth, add it to Dropbox, OneDrive, or another cloud-based storage, or send it as an email or Gmail.

The Play Movies & TV store has current titles. If you’re only going to view the video on your Tab 4 NOOK, you might want to buy the SD version; on your tablet’s small screen, the difference in resolution may not be noticeable.

You can also rent certain titles at a lower cost. Again, SD and HD versions are available. The amount of time and the conditions of rental can vary from studio to studio, so be sure to read the fine print before tapping Buy. Play Movies & TV has films, individual television shows, and entire seasons for sale or rent.

Also available through the Play Store are games, apps, magazines, and newspapers. Prices for some magazines and newspapers are quite reasonable.

Payment for items purchased from the Play Store can be by credit or debit card or through PayPal.

Samsung has free apps in the Galaxy Apps panel that appears on the Home screen of your Tab 4 NOOK tablet.