Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Phone Call Options - dummies

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Phone Call Options

By Dan Gookin

The Call Settings screen, found in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s Settings app, offers options, switches, and features that can customize otherwise dreary phone duties. To get started, visit the Call Settings screen and heed these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.

    At the Home screen, press the Menu button and choose the Settings command.

  2. Tap the Device tab.

  3. Choose the Call item.

    Behold! It’s a host of various phone call commands.

Here are some of the more interesting and useful items:

  • Increase Volume In Pocket: Choose this item so that the phone rings louder when it’s in a confined environment. The phone uses its proximity sensor to determine whether it’s in a pocket or purse. If so, and this option is chosen, the Galaxy Note 3 rings loudly!

  • Answering/Ending Calls: Choose this item to see a trio of handy phone-answering and call-ending shortcuts. Here’s the variety:

    • The Home Key Answers Calls: Select this item so that you can answer a call by pressing the Home button (which is really a “key” according to Google). This is a great “one-handed” phone feature.

    • Voice Control: Activating this feature opens the door to several voice-command features. For example, when this feature is active, you can place a check mark by the Incoming Calls feature to answer the phone or reject a call by using your voice: “Answer” or “Reject!”

    • The Power Key Ends Calls: When selected, this feature lets you “hang up” a call by pressing the Power/Lock button. Doing so doesn’t turn off the touchscreen display or lock the phone; pressing the key merely ends the call.

  • Hide Your Caller ID: This handy shortcut directs the phone to hide your caller ID when you make outgoing calls. It’s actually a shortcut for the cellular carrier’s caller ID suppression command. This setting is found by choosing the Additional Settings item on the Call Settings screen, and then choosing Caller ID and then Hide Number from the Caller ID menu.

    Be aware that some people don’t answer calls when they can’t see the caller ID.

  • Automatic Answering: If you use a headset, you can take advantage of some automatic-answering tricks. One item, found by choosing the Call Accessories command on the Call Settings screen, is Automatic Answering. The call is answered when you attach a headset to the phone. Of course, if you’re using a headset, you can always press the noodle button (on the headset cord) to answer an incoming call.

  • Vibrate When Ringing: This option is handy for those who can always feel the phone vibrate even when it’s too loud to hear the ringtone. On the Call Settings screen, choose Ringtones and Keypad Tones, and then place a check mark by the option Vibrate When Ringing.