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Privacy Settings for Your Tab 4 NOOK’s Browser

By Corey Sandler

Internet users can never expect to have complete and total privacy; even if you keep your own Tab 4 NOOK clear, your requests to search engines and Internet providers are all routinely recorded or logged or otherwise noted.

You can do some things to protect your privacy on your own device, though. Google’s Chrome (and other browsers) lets you wipe away local traces of your Internet travels.

Here’s how to clean up within Chrome:

  1. Tap the Web icon on the Home screen.

    Or, tap the Chrome icon in the Apps menu or any shortcut you may have created for Chrome.

  2. Tap the Menu icon in the upper-right corner.

  3. Tap Settings.

  4. In the Advanced section, tap Privacy.

  5. Tap Clear Browsing Data at the upper right.

    A menu opens.


  6. Tap a check mark in the privacy options you want to turn on:

    • Clear Browsing History. Erases the web addresses of all pages you’ve visited.

    • Clear the Cache. The cache stored of web pages you’ve visited or addresses you’ve entered.

    • Clear Cookies, Site Data. Many websites, especially those hoping to sell you something, leave behind a small file known as a cookie. The cookie might indicate, “This user has been here before and visited the following pages within this site.” Or the cookie might say, “This visitor is a registered user and is granted full access.”

    • Clear Saved Passwords. You can let Chrome track passwords you use for certain websites; you’ll see an onscreen message from the browser asking if you want that done. Add a check mark here to erase them from memory.

    • Clear Autofill Data. The browser can track certain common fields for online forms: your name and address, for example. Tap a check mark here to clear the answers.

  7. Tap Clear to zap the information.

Close any currently open websites in Chrome that you don’t want visible after you delete your history and cache.