Manage Contacts on Your Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK - dummies

Manage Contacts on Your Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

Much of the time, your contacts sit quietly in the background on your Tab 4 NOOK, providing information when you need it to fill out an email address line, send a photo, or communicate about books from the eReader.

But to go directly to your contacts to examine, add, delete, or edit listings, do this:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.

  2. Tap the Contacts icon (a little orange head).

    You can place a shortcut to Contacts on one of the Home screen panels.

You can easily end up with a huge number of contacts, and good for you. When in doubt, add a contact. You can always delete, edit, or merge (link) later.

Not every contact has a picture, and the picture can come from any of the sources of information you are tapping to construct the list. For example, if you have a photo assigned within your Gmail account, that photo will come along with the address, email, and phone number to your tablet.

The standard way Contacts are sorted is alphabetically by last name. Within that section, they are sorted with first name first. So, under L you will find Abraham Lincoln ahead of Robert Todd Lincoln with Mary Todd Lincoln in between. Scroll through by swiping your finger, or jump to someone by tapping a letter.

Changing the order of your contacts

If you’re the sort of person who likes to keep track of your contacts based on their first names, your Tab 4 NOOK can do that, too. Here’s how to change the sorting order:

  1. Start the Contacts app.

  2. Tap the Menu icon in the upper right.

  3. Choose Settings.

  4. Tap List By.

  5. Tap First Name or Last Name.

  6. Press the Back key to exit.


Editing or deleting a contact

Things change. And so you may need to edit or even delete an existing contact. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Contacts app.

  2. Tap the contact in need of rectification.

  3. Tap the Edit (pencil) icon.

  4. Tap the text field you want to change.

    Use the onscreen keyboard to make changes.

Or do this:

  1. Tap the trash can icon.

  2. Tap OK to confirm you really want to make the contact go away.

    If this contact is synced to Google or other online accounts, deleting it on your tablet also deletes it from anywhere else it resides.