Looking for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK Apps

By Corey Sandler

Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK has lots of good apps available. Look in the NOOK Shop, Google’s Play Store, and Samsung for apps worth buying and, if you’re lucky, free apps for your tablet. Find reviews specific to your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK before you install anything.

  1. Look at the Google Play Store, the NOOK Shop, and Samsung.

  2. Look for user reviews at the app store.

    Read them carefully in search of serious reports of problems some have experienced, but don’t overlook the dates comments were posted. If you see a year-old comment saying “Version 1.2 of this app doesn’t work with the Samsung Galaxy Tab,” look to see if last week someone has posted a note saying, “The new version 3.2 is the best thing I’ve ever installed on my Tab S2 NOOK.”