Lending and Borrowing Books on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK - dummies

Lending and Borrowing Books on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

With the Tab S2 NOOK, a lender and a borrower you can be. They’re managed through the NOOK mother ship, at. Keep just a few catches in mind:

  • Not every publisher will let you lend out a copy of the digital file. You can loan only books that have a LendMe badge.

  • You can loan a book only once and only for 14 days. After then it comes back to your library.

  • You can’t read the book while it’s on loan to someone else. (It’s like a printed book in that way: It can’t be in two places at once.)

You also can loan a book by lending the actual Tab S2 NOOK device to a trusted friend or acquaintance. If you do this, be aware that the person will have access to the Barnes & Noble store under your account name (but can’t buy anything if your account requires a password to do so). And the person might make changes to other files on your tablet. And then you might have to chase after your soon-to-be former friend or acquaintance to get your NOOK back into your hands.

Here are a few more bits of legalese about electronic loans using the LendMe program:

  • You can lend only to users who have other registered B&N devices, or apps that run on other devices such as desktop or laptop computers, smartphones, and certain other tablets.

  • You can send LendMe offers to any email address, but to accept, the recipient must have an email address associated with a Barnes & Noble online account. That means that person is a resident of the United States or Canada.

  • An offer expires after seven days if it hasn’t been accepted.

  • You can’t loan a book that’s been loaned to you.

  • You can’t save a borrowed book to a microSD card or archive it to the NOOK cloud.

Some book files are protected by a special form of encryption. The process is called Digital Rights Management (DRM). If you bought a book through the NOOK Store that has DRM protection, your tablet takes care of all of the details of registration of the document at the time of purchase. (Your NOOK tablet is linked to your NOOK account.) If you get DRM-protected files from another source, you may need to provide an unlocking code or other form of identification as supplied by the seller.