How to Wake Your Galaxy Tab from Sleep - dummies

How to Wake Your Galaxy Tab from Sleep

By Dan Gookin

You’ll probably leave your Samsung Galaxy Tab on all the time, and just allow it to sleep when not in use. It was designed that way. The battery lasts quite a while, so when the Tab is bored or when you’ve ignored it for a while, it falls asleep. Well, it’s technically named Sleep mode, a special low-power, energy-saving state where the Tab’s screen goes blank.

When the Galaxy Tab is sleeping, you wake it up by pressing the Power Lock button. Unlike turning on the Tab, a quick press of the Power Lock button is all that’s needed.

After waking the Tab, you see the unlock screen. Or, if you’ve configured the Tab for more security, you see one of the unlocking screens. Simply unlock the screen, and you can start using the Tab.

  • The Galaxy Tab continues to run while it’s sleeping. Mail is received, as are text messages. The Tab also continues to play music while it’s sleeping, and the display is off.

  • Touching the touchscreen when it’s off doesn’t wake up the Tab.

  • Loud noises don’t wake up the Tab.

  • The Tab doesn’t snore while it’s sleeping.