How to Use the Galaxy Tab Camera - dummies

By Dan Gookin

The Galaxy Tab isn’t the world’s best camera. But your Galaxy Tab is an incredible gizmo that does many things. One of those things is to take pictures. Picture-taking duties on your Galaxy Tab are handled by the Camera app.

The Camera app controls both the main camera, which is on the Tab’s butt, and the front-facing camera, which is not on the Tab’s butt. Like all apps on the Tab, you can find and start the Camera app by touching its icon on the Apps Menu screen.

How to take a Galaxy Tab picture

After starting the Camera app, you see the main Camera screen.


To take a picture, first ensure that the Camera app is in still picture mode: Check the switch on the upper-right part of the screen to confirm that it’s in the Camera position. Then point the camera at the subject and touch the Shutter button.

After you touch the Shutter button, the camera will focus, you may hear a mechanical shutter sound play, and the flash may go off. You’re ready to take the next picture.

To preview the image you just snapped, touch the little icon that appears in the lower-right corner of the screen.

  • The Wi-Fi Tab features an extra button on the bottom left. It’s the Back button, which is used to exit the Camera app.

  • The camera focuses automatically, though you can drag the focus square around the touchscreen to specifically adjust the focus.

  • The Galaxy Tab camera has a fixed focal-length lens, so there is no zoom feature.

  • The Tab can be used as a camera in either landscape or portrait orientation, though the Tab’s controls and gizmos are always presented in landscape format. The icons rotate when you reorient the Tab.

  • You can take as many pictures with your Galaxy Tab as you like, as long as you don’t run out of space for them in the Tab’s internal storage.

  • If your pictures appear blurry, ensure that the camera lens on the back of the Galaxy Tab isn’t dirty.

  • Use the Gallery app to preview and manage your pictures.

  • The Galaxy Tab not only takes a picture but also keeps track of where you were located on Planet Earth when you took it.

How to delete a Galaxy Tab image

Sometimes, you just can’t wait to delete an image. Either an irritated person is standing next to you, begging that the photo be deleted, or you’re just not happy and you feel the urge to smash into digital shards the picture you just took. Hastily follow these steps:

  1. Touch the image preview that appears in the lower-right corner of the screen.

    After touching the preview, you see the full-screen image.

  2. Touch the Trash icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  3. Choose Confirm Delete to erase the image.

    The image has been banished to bit hell.

If necessary, touch the Back icon button to return to the Camera app.