How to Use the Email App on Your Tab 4 NOOK - dummies

How to Use the Email App on Your Tab 4 NOOK

By Corey Sandler

Once you set up the email system on your Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK, most of the not-quite-hard-work has been done. Tap the Email icon to see folders on the left side and mail on the right.

If you have more than one email account on your tablet, tap the menu in the upper left and choose which one to look at, or choose Combined View to bring them all to one place.

Mail that you haven’t read yet has a blue first line. If a message has an attachment, you see a paperclip icon. Tap an email to expand it for reading.


While you’re in the Email app, email is organized by date; tap the Menu icon in the upper right and tap Sort By to change that.

You also see these options:

  • View As. You can choose Conversation View, which groups all messages from a single person or address together. The problem here is that most users tend to receive most of their mail from a small number of senders and this could easily divert your attention away from a new and important message from someone else.

  • Font Size. You can adjust the size of the type in messages.

Now you’re ready to read your mail. Tap any message to display its contents. If there’s an attachment, you can see it by tapping the panel.

Email that you’ve saved, or otherwise haven’t sent, is automatically stored in the Draft folder. Tap the Draft folder, and then tap any message within. You can edit it and send it from that folder, or throw it away.

At the top of the message viewing screen you’ll see a panel of eight icons. From left to write, they are:

  • New Email. Tap the icon of a pen to write a message. Start by entering the email address. As you begin typing, look at the black banner in the middle of the screen; the tablet tries to match your entry to your contacts. When you see the one you want, tap it.

    On the new email form you’ll see these icons:

    • A paperclip adds an attachment of a text, audio, photo, or other file.

    • An X cancels the message.

    • A floppy disk means “Save this message as a draft until I retrieve it to send.”

    • An envelope with an arrow means “Send this message now.”

  • Preview Panel. The blocks icon shows how many panels you want to see. Two blocks means message title and date, plus details within a single message. Three blocks show the folder list plus two other panels. You can touch and move the dividers to adjust the size of panels.


  • Refresh. Tap the circular arrow to sync or refresh the email account.

  • Search. The magnifying glass icon opens a search panel where you can have the tablet hunt for emails based on sender name or a word in its subject.

  • Reply. No need for a stamp. Just tap the leftward arrow to reply to a received message. You’ll have room at the top to include a new message, like: “I found this video of a cat in a paper grocery bag and thought of you immediately.”

    The Original Message option is below the message pane. Tap to remove the check mark if you don’t want to re-send the previous message but just want to reply. If there is a check mark, you can tap the panel below to edit the original message.

  • Forward. The right-facing arrow is the means to send a copy of a received message to someone else. You’ll need to enter an email address. And you can edit the original message, which is an odd option to offer since that means you’re not actually forwarding a message but instead sending something new.

  • Delete. Get rid of, toss away, trash. The current message — or all messages from the list where you have placed a check mark in the box — will be moved to the Trash folder.

    Email you send to the trash isn’t actually erased from your tablet until you go to the Trash folder and select them for final disposal. You can place check marks one by one, or tap the Menu icon in the upper right and tap Delete All.