How to Use the Alarm Clock on Your Galaxy Tab - dummies

How to Use the Alarm Clock on Your Galaxy Tab

By Dan Gookin

Your Galaxy Tab keeps constant, accurate track of the time, which is displayed at the bottom of the Home screen as well as on the Lock screen. The display is lovely and informative, but it can’t actually wake you up. To have it do that, you need to somehow choose a specific time and apply a noise to that time. This process turns the Galaxy Tab into an alarm clock.

Alarm clock duties are the responsibility of the Clock app. It’s the same app you see if you plug the Tab into a docking station. It just displays a large digital clock on the screen.


You can create alarms for the Clock app by touching the Set Alarm button. You see a pop-up window where you can create or set alarms.

Set an alarm by touching the box, which places a green check mark by the alarm time and days. To create a new alarm, follow these steps:

  1. Touch the Set Alarm or Alarm Set button.

    The Alarms screen appears.

  2. Choose Add Alarm.

  3. Touch the check box by Turn Alarm On to activate the alarm.

  4. Touch Time and use the pop-up window to configure the hour and minute and to specify either AM or PM; touch the Set button to set the time.

  5. Choose Repeat to set on which days the alarm sounds.

  6. Choose Ringtone to specify which music plays when the alarm sounds.

    To set no ringtone, choose the Silent option, found at the top of the Ringtones list. But if you do that, ensure that you also set the Vibrate option. The alarm should signal you somehow.

  7. Place a check mark by the Vibrate option if you want the Tab to vibrate in addition to playing music.

  8. Touch Label to give the alarm a name.

    For example, Wake up, and Get to the airport, and Annoy my spouse are excellent examples of good, descriptive labels.

  9. Touch the Done button to create the alarm.

The alarm you create appears on the Alarms screen.

Any new alarm you create is automatically set — it goes off when the proper time approaches. To disable an alarm, touch the Alarm icon.

Alarms must be set or else they don’t trigger. To set an alarm, touch the check box by the alarm.

  • Turning off an alarm doesn’t delete the alarm.

  • To remove an alarm, long-press it and choose the option Delete Alarm from the menu. Touch the OK button to confirm.

  • The alarm doesn’t work when you turn off the Galaxy Tab. The alarm does, however, go off when the Tab is sleeping.